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 NIS PVP Event

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GM JcPagz

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PostSubject: NIS PVP Event   Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:35 am

Good Day Tantra Nis Players!!
After the game is officially up, we will be having many events. Here are the upcoming events:
-Ashram Event
-Tantra NIS Olympics (Held every 1 or 2 months. This Olympics is only allowed for those who have accomplished the event “Ashram Event”.) This event consists of:

Running Event

-Tribal Race
-Guild Passing Riley

PvP Event (Round Robin)

Battle Royale (Main Event)

-Battle Royale no.1 (1 Selected Guild member every Guild)
-Battle Royale no.2 (2Selected Guild member every Guild)
-Battle Royale no.3 (3Selected Guild member every Guild)
-Battle Royale no.4 (4 Selected Guild member every Guild)
-Battle Royale no.5 (All Guild w/ 1 Full Party)

To those who can’t participate this Olympics, don’t worry cause we have also many event not involving guilds.
The Rules and Mechanics of every event will be posted here. So look forward for it. Very Happy

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